Planning and Zoning Approval


A. Residential Final Site Plan / Master plan Requirements

Requires that the following information is included on all site plans for new construction or additions.


  1. Stamped site plan must be in PDF format and uploaded to the town's website.

  2. Propane tank location (if applicable).

  3. Location of septic system including tank and drain field.

  4. Location of power lines and meter.

  5. Location of the nearest fire hydrant in feet (if over 700 feet an estimate may be used).

  6. Location of the nearest Fairfield water line in feet to the property line (if over 1200 feet an estimate may be used).  Contact for information if needed. 

  7. An appropriate descriptive legend, including north arrow, scale, legal description and the names and addresses of the architect or engineer responsible for the preparation of the site plan.

  8. The existing (or proposed) zoning.

  9. Location and size of all structures.

  10. All outside dimensions of each structure, its distance from the property lines, its area, and its height.

  11.  Measured dimensions of all recorded lot lines.

  12. Location of all existing and proposed drives and parking areas including types of surfacing, parking layout, and dimensions.

  13. Road width, rights-of-way and dedications (see Road Ordinance).

  14. All existing easements, vacated easements and rights-of-way. (10-foot utility easement along all roads must be shown).

  15. All required minimum setbacks.

  16. Locations, sizes, and types of existing trees over six inches in diameter (before and after proposed development).

  17. All proposed fences, screens and freestanding architectural walls, including typical cross-sections and the heights above ground.

  18. Stormwater engineering (upon request) including existing and proposed grading of the site, the location of existing and proposed utilities, stormwater calculations for a 100-year storm, the detention area on site that will detain the 100-year storm.


B. Additional Documents

  1. Proof of Fairfield acceptable culinary water transfer or well permit.

  2. Utah County septic approval.

  3. A copy of the Record of Survey filed with the Utah County Surveyor’s office.

  4. Cedar Valley Fire department approval.

  5. Contractors Hold Harmless Agreement.

  6. Heavy metals and arsenic report.


C. Things to be aware of

  1. Landscaping Requirements.

  2. Outside Lighting Restrictions (Fairfield Lighting Ordinance).

  3. Fairfield assigned address once plot plan approved.