Updated Ordinances

Fairfield Town is in the process of updating their Ordinances

FF Street Numbering Ordinance #10132020

AR 10 Zoning 

Fairfield Outdoor Lighting Standards

General Provisions

Title 5 Chapter 3. Soil Ordinance #12082020- 3

AR 40

Commercial Overlay Zone

Title 10 - Section 15 - FF Subdivision Ordinance # 12082020 -2

Sec. 3. Supplemental Requirement Procedural Applications with Zones. Ch. 3. Jan 2016

Title 10 Chapter 35 - Light Industrial East  Zone -1 Ordinance #12082020-4

Title 10. Chapter 37. Light Industrial West Zone.  Ordinance #12082020-1

Sec. 4. Fairfield Annexation Policy Plan. Ch. 4.

Right To Farm 

Town Fee's

Airpark Overlay Zone

FF Cemetery District Ordiance #12142021

Fairfield Annexation Policy Plan

Fairfield Town has many Ordinances and Resolutions that are not here on the website. We put the ones on that are asked for the most. If you would like to know if Fairfield Town has a specific Ordinance.
Please contact recorder@fairfieldtown.org