New Addresses in Fairfield Town

Fairfield has changed over to a new address system. Our zip code is staying the same, 84013, but you do have a new address. We had to do this because of Emergency response and because half our town had incorrect addresses. We realize this is creating somewhat of a hassle, but we hope it will be painless as possible. The Town Council has been working on this with an Engineer, the County, and the USPS for over a year, and it has been a lengthy process.

The Utah County website has changed most addresses online, but few haven’t been updated yet. They are still working on it. USPS has changed all addresses on their end of things. You can use your new address now, and mail will get delivered. PO Boxes are not changing. If you receive mail addressed to your old address, it will be delivered to you by November 2021. The signs have been installed; it would be an excellent time to start using your new address.  The town is not reimbursing any cost you may incur for this, and the Price should be minimal. We are also not sure when google maps will update on their end of things.


This is a list of action items that you may need to take.


MORTGAGE: If you have a mortgage, you need to call your Mortgage company. You have to ask to speak with a customer assistant. Tell them that the address that the mortgage is attached to is changing because the town is changing its address system. You must clarify to them it's not just a mailing address change, and it is an address change for the property that has the mortgage attached to it. You also need to change your mailing address if your statements or payment coupons are currently sent to your old address.


DMV: You can change the address on your license online at Change of Registration, and Title can be completed at:

The cost for a new Driver’s License is: $23 Identification Card: $23 Certificate of Title: $6 Vehicle Registration: $4


Tax agencies: There is no need to notify the IRS. Simply file taxes for 2021

with the new address.


Utilities: To prevent delinquent payment notices or interruption in service;

one should contact utility providers, including internet, phone, gas, power,

water, etc. Again, these statements will be forwarded through the “Change of

Address” process through the post office for a period of 12 months. However,

the Postal Service does not have the ability to change individual account



Insurance: Contact your insurance companies, particularly the provider of your

Home Owner’s insurance. Keep in mind the property they are insuring will

ultimately have a different address. Insurance companies will want to ensure

that their property is insured and the one with the new address. I called

my insurance company to ask what the procedure was, and I was told it was a

simple process and that they do it all the time.


Banks, Credit Unions, Lending Institutions: You should update all bank

records. Typically this can be done with a quick phone call to your local

branch. If you have a loan, contact that institution and make sure their records

are up to date.


Subscriptions: All Magazines, Memberships, Meal Plans, Stitch Fix, Birchbox, etc. Again, these will be forwarded for a period of time, although the Postal

Service should not be relied upon. 


Family and Friends: Include a family photo or small card posted to your loved

ones letting them know that you’re in the same place that is now known by

different address.


In Short: If things are being received by mail that is needed for your

household, please do not trust the continued re-diversion of those items through a third party. Make contact with providers, and update accounts accordingly.


House identification: If a business or residence has an identifying address

based upon the old system, those will need to be updated to the newly assigned addresses. This includes mailboxes, signs, paint markings, numbers on the house, etc. If these are permanent makings, such as stamped concrete, those will need to be completely covered and the new house numbers put in place. For public safety, all houses must have an identifying address number. This

means, if a residence or business did not have something visible before, it would

need to have this information visible from the street side following this process.

If you need any help, have additional questions, or have concerns, please reach out by calling the Town Office or email

Thank You,

Fairfield Town